I woke with the images of a dream lingering in my consciousness. A journey theme with water, caverns, and ambient light.  Various and odd characters joined my travels- some with faces or stories I knew.  The part that even now I FEEL in my body, though, was the part I had to travel on my own….coursing a raging river bed to get to the other side.

That first step into the current came with a lateral force so immense, every muscle and tendon retracted in fear to secure my feet to the rock bed. Only then did I realize the threat of a waterfall just within sight.  This journey was do or die, a crossing over or falling over, a heroic feat or drowning.

From the cavern view, the waterfall was just a short drop off, very non-threatening. Now within the rushing counter flow, the UNDERcurrent questioned my call to the other side…Could I really do this?  Should I continue?

The tension in my thighs said yes- “you are strong enough.”

I woke with that resolve today.

Yet I wonder now- what happens when you let the current take you, when you fall?  The pool on the under side is deep and refreshing, maybe? The energy released, absorbed…maybe calm, maybe peace.

It’s okay if you’re not strong enough–

Maryellen and Dorina.

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