My daily agitations must mean life is worth caring about.  Apathy has never been an acceptable option.  I live my days intentionally focused.  I seem to care deeply about this process of flesh and breath.

Yet really, why should I care that I am up with the alarm, dressed and pressed within the hour and out the door well before the bumper to bumper race-around highway crowd?  What rule book have I written for myself….or who captured my soul and exchanged life passion for appearance and applauded success?  Is this life thing just about me and my life performance?

God save me.

God save the script of urban existence and the narcissistic gaze of modern living.  Christ came in the flesh and rewrote the holy books and redefined human community.  I care about such caring.

I care enough to challenge my driven but heartless posing and musings with acts of Discipleship and mission, words of prayerful confession and rare moments of feeling Christ’s presence.

This is how I learn to love my neighbor as I have learned to love myself.

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