A Hallowed Eve

I do believe Life was created from a God Space of Love.

God’s Nature, though, and the force of its being spin a web of violence, disease and destruction.

Where is the Love in this?

The cycle of life runs head long into the wall of death…with all the hurt of endings.  It is ugly. It is hard to bear.

Even the autumn harvest, the sweet energy of summer’s sun stored in the peeled skin of an apple and sacrificed in a muffin, seems mostly a trivialized and transient wonder.

We likewise are part of the sacrificed, caught in the momentum of life consciousness…we absorb, assimilate and recreate new spaces in life only to waste on sick beds and under head stones.

How do we honor the love of so many saints?

Where is God and Love on the back side of this cycle of life?

It’s the skeleton that seems the ruling image of this back side and I see them everywhere – an eternal Hallowed Eve.

And it does seem the bones are the last to go. They hold the marrow of life, stored safely inside. They give structure and form; they reconcile and hold our flesh like a photograph holds beauty.

So perhaps it’s there, in fossils…in our bones, that the flow of love still speaks.

I will sit therefore in midst of carnage and with holy courage in this space look with a glance of love…and remember tomorrow.