A death comes sometimes without the warmth of grief 

–emotion detached rising to shut the door

with you alone

A melancholy

in spaces outside of tidy ones

where light blends with dark and a journey beyond can begin


photography courtesy of Beauty of Abandonment




shg3_170808-9834ts.jpgEach awakening comes with that moment we rise to a new day.  

As the imaginings of night fade with each breath of morning sun, the liturgy of our daily sabbath begins and our soul celebrates.


Birth of day #57

p1000007A year of days learning framed love circling hate

   disease stuck and captured

   with thoughts small and great.

Weeds purple miles traveled on mondays commute

     pressed edges of asphalt

     by wild flowered fruit.

Yet not many linger so driven so straight

    bound to mark souls

    captured and saved.

I wake now to birth from life to my life

    from breath to a death

    grace sun-kissed in now.